So, blocking. It’s MAGICAL! 

This isn’t new to me, but that does nothing to lessen the magic!

I mean, look at that! On the left, you have a pretty, but very smooshed up bunch of string. Quite small, has an interesting 3D effect with the waves and stuff. But tiny, and sad looking!

On the right, you have a much prettier, completely flat, ~50% bigger almost-a-shawl with a visible pattern! 

I did this because I’m almost to the edge chart on this shawl, and it’s straight up teeny. I wanted to make sure it was going to be a decent size before I put in the time finishing it. The camera position is nearly the the same for the before and after (I pretty much just left the tripod up while it dried). 

End result? :3

Going to put it back on the needle and get back to finishing it!